Fourth of July in Towne Lake


We moved into Towne Lake December of 2016, and have celebrated the 4th of July here on the lake the last two years. It’s such a treat to be able to be on the lake for the 4th without having to pack up and travel anywhere. We even have our local family come to us to enjoy all the festivities our community has to offer!

A Morning at the Splash Pad

We started off our day at the main splash pad (which is also connected to the lap pool and water park). Adeline loves this splash pad because it has a few feet of water so she can “swim” and it has a play structure including a water slide. It also has a beach entry and the typical water fountains you’d see at a splash pad. I like it has a nice shaded area with tables and bathrooms nearby!

Jacob’s float has been a hit this summer. It allows just enough water into the bottom to cool him off and leans him back just enough so he can relax. He falls asleep every time we put him in it! Adeline’s swimsuit is one of my favorites of her and was perfect for the 4th.

After the splash pad we came back to the house to cool off, eat lunch and so the kids could take naps. Being able to work our day around our kids schedules, while still getting to participate in the 4th of July festivities in our neighborhood is something we are so thankful for.

An Afternoon on Towne Lake

We had extended family meet us at our house and once the kids were awake and fed, we headed to our slip to hop on the boat (just about two minutes from our house)!

Towne Lake has a boat parade every 4th of July, and although we didn’t enter, we still decorated our boat to get in on the fun! We used garland, an American flag scarf of mine and some Christmas lights to make it festive!

It was a pretty hot day, so we all wanted to take a dip in the lake before too long. We all piled onto the lily pad we keep on the back of the boat for occasions just like this. It is well loved by kids and parents alike.

One of my favorite things about Towne Lake in particular is there are a lot of no wake zones, meaning you can enjoy anchoring and floating without being rocked around. This is especially great if you have little ones like Adeline.

The Fireworks Show

After taking a dip and cruising around the lake a bit, we grabbed ourselves a slip at the Towne Lake Boardwalk to get set up to watch the boat parade and the fireworks. It was basically like having a front row seat. Look how many people came out to see the firework show!

Keep Towne Lake in mind for the 4th next year. The Boardwalk is open to the public, and they put on an impressive show!

Jacob is only three months old and was such a trooper during the fireworks. We bought him these headphones to drown out the noise. Based on how calm he was, I’m assuming they did the trick.

Hands down, the best part of the day was watching Adeline watch the fireworks. She sat between me and my dad on the back of the boat and was in complete awe. Her face just lit up every time she saw a new kind of firework. It was so magical for her, and therefore truly magical for me. Each time they would take a break she would ask for more!

I am thankful to live in a community like Towne Lake that makes it so easy to create these kind of family memories. We had a day full of activities and were able to stay right in our neighborhood to enjoy them. Such a blessing!

Interested in checking out Towne Lake from the water for yourself? You can set up a completely FREE boat tour for up to 8 people here!

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